How Important Is Your LinkedIn Profile To Your Current Job Search?

Job hunting is more difficult than it was 10 years ago, but something we didn’t have 10 years ago was LinkedIn. Even in a difficult economy, social networking can be extremely useful in landing your next job. Whether it’s because more employers are looking for potential employees on LinkedIn or it’s easy to search for auto jobs, LinkedIn is a great way to help your current job search.

Employers Are Searching LinkedIn

Big name employers, including eBay and Microsoft, are searching LinkedIn for employees that have skills that match their current openings. In other words, with a completely filled out profile, you could attract the attention of a big name company. The key is to create a profile that lists all your employee skills, previous employment, education, and whatever else you would normally add to your resume. Who knows. A big company could search for a skill set and discover your profile, leading to a high paying career.

LinkedIn Profiles Lead to Connections

We all know the importance of networking when looking for a job. LinkedIn allows you to connect with those that share the same interests or those that you know from previous jobs. As you add education and employment experience, you’ll be shown people who also attended the same schools and worked for the same employers. Reconnecting with these individuals can lead to a new job. For example, if you connect with someone from a previous job, his company may be hiring and he can put in a good word for you. At the very least, he could point his employers in the right direction by suggesting they look at your profile.

It’s Job Searching Made Easy

When you have a thoroughly filled out profile, you can click on the jobs link at the top of the LinkedIn website and be shown jobs that may be of interest to you. The company links your skills with jobs that need those skills. For example, a freelance writer will be shown jobs for writers. Remember to keep your profile updated so that you always have a good selection of jobs to choose from. If there aren’t jobs listed in your jobs of interest section, you can also search for jobs based on simple or advanced search queries.

LinkedIn may seem like a simple social networking site, but it’s much more than that. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that many of the top companies in America use to find their next employee. As someone in need of a new career, you cannot overlook the need of a great profile on LinkedIn.

About the Author: Breann Barbagelata works for an HR staffing group that uses the applicant tracking system from to track applicants. They sort apps and resumes, checked social media profiles, and make recommendations to corporations.